Our Forensic Engineers are highly experienced in examining and inspecting all vehicles, not just damaged or crashed ones.  Due to our of line work, our Forensic Engineers have developed a unique set of skills in identifying numerous defects or potential issues on body panels, vehicle electrics and mechanical components.  This can be from wear and tear, poor maintenance, previous accidents or bad repairs.

Our Engineers routinely examine damaged vehicles for mechanical defects, safety defects or previous repairs which may affect the crashworthiness of the vehicle. This can be completed on repaired and un-repaired vehicles. We use the latest tools and technology to access vehicle electronics and computers to gain access to the history of the vehicle.

Our Engineers can identify repair standards and repair quality, as well as previous repair histories or mechanical / safety defects on vehicles.

Our Engineers can conduct pre-purchase vehicle inspections in Victoria where we can identify:

  • General vehicle condition
  • Previous repairs and repair quality
  • Mechanical and safety related issues
  • Electronic check of vehicle history and present condition (if available)

Please note that we do not provide Roadworthy Certificates (RWC) and we do not provide quotes for repairs or mechanical work which may be required.  We also strongly recommend that the appropriate checks be conducted prior to requesting an Inspection by us.  Please use the Personal Property Securities Register to obtain a certificate for the vehicle.

For more information on this service please Contact Us to arrange a Pre-Purchase inspection, or Vehicle Inspection.