Delta-V Experts work continuously with emergency services in Australia and large scale fleet operators to ensure that the vehicles chosen are not only safe, but stable on the roads and fit for their purposes.

Our Engineers have developed, with Victoria Police, a testing procedure which objectively quantifies the handling characteristics of vehicles under various loading configurations and when modified. Delta-V Experts provide the customer with clear data on the performance and handling characteristics of the vehicles and can make recommendations as to what modifications should or could be completed to bring the vehicle to a specific performance standard.

This has been developed to address stability issues with some vehicles to ensure that when entered into use, they are fit and safe for use. Where required, Delta-V Experts will present the customer with a performance envelope to identify the safe operating parameters of the vehicle.

This is a service provided to all emergency services, fleet operators and companies. Our vehicle testing is not limited to passenger vehicles. We routinely test commercial vehicles, heavy vehicles (trucks) and heavy combinations and motorcycles.

Our testing procedures have been developed such that is no subjective or personal opinions involved, instead we use highly sensitive equipment in our processes to ensure that the results are scientific and objective.

In addition to conducting and providing Handling Tests and advice, we also provide performance and specification standards to operators and companies. This outlines specific safety items (passive and active) which should be considered. We can work with you to develop a performance or specification standard which includes best practice in the industry, determination of a benchmark, identification of innovative and leading technologies, tailored features and safety items which will meet specific requirements based on environments and usage.

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