Vehicle rollover is a major cause of death and injury in mining areas. Delta-V Experts designs Rollover Protection Systems to cutting edge safety standards, and backs them up with stringent design, computer modelling and physical testing regimes.

Our award winning Rollover Protective Structure designs are used by major mining and resource companies worldwide, such as BHP Billiton and Anglo American, with representation on four continents.

DVE has developed Rollover Protective Structural System solutions for light vehicles, utilities, trucks, buses and people movers. The Rollover Protective Structural Systems can be retrofitted to current fleets or specified as part of a new vehicle fit out. We can also tailor our designs to suit any specific site requirements, and can integrate the ROPS to cater for existing infrastructure and tools.

Our systems and methodology have received recognition via the Bronze Award at the SAE-A Automotive Engineering Excellence Awards 2008.

One of DVE's Range of Rollover Protection Systems

One of DVE's Range of Rollover Protection Systems. This one has been specifically designed to cater for style-side utility vehicles operating in the harshest mining conditions.

Delta-V Experts have developed a unique performance criteria for all of its ROPS designs, based on many years of research and an understanding of how rollover really works. Our experts have been extensively published and presented on numerous occasions and in conferences on the rollover topic. Computer modelling, static and dynamic tests have been carried out for validation purposes, and the systems have been proven in real world crashes. No occupant in vehicle with a DVE ROPS has been seriously injured or killed in a rollover event.

Delta-V Experts ROPS for light vehicles are currently manufactured and installed by the following companies:

  • Delta-V Experts South Africa  


Delta-V Experts offers the following services to clients with specific Rollover Protective Structural System requirements:

  • A design service to create Rollover Protective Structural System for vehicles
  • A complete solution i.e. Rollover Protective Structural System fitted to your vehicles in your location

Delta-V Experts maintains a database of existing Rollover Protective Structural System designs and vehicle dimensions. If a similar vehicle Rollover Protective Structural System exists within the DVE database, DVE can work with local manufacturers to provide drawings and manufacturing instructions as required. If no similar vehicle Rollover Protective Structural System exists, the vehicle will need to be inspected, measured and a Rollover Protective Structural System developed and evaluated.

Delta-V Experts  in co-operation with its certified manufacturers and installers can provide Rollover Protective Structural Systems to any location worldwide.

Delta-V Experts is currently in the process of finalising agents for the sale and installation of its ROPS in Australia and in other regions. Please contact us for more information on our ROPS approach, our current products or any specific design queries.