Delta-V Experts provides an Immediate Response service which enables you to get in contact with one of our Forensic Engineers and Accident Response Team immediately if an Accident has occurred. We can provide you with on the spot advice and guidance over the phone or in person (if a callout and scene attendance is desired) to enable you to ensure your interests are being looked after. We can assist you in identifying critical pieces of evidence, what you should do and how you should commence an investigation or scene control to enable you to have control over your situation.

Our Accident Response Team can be on route to your Accident location immediately if required.

This service is aimed at providing Companies, Operators and Representatives with immediate advice on how to control the scene and provide guidance on immediate measures to take to ensure the scene remains contamination free and important evidence is collected to ensure an accurate investigation is completed

We strongly recommend you also seek legal advice to ensure your legal privileges are looked after.  We cannot provide you with legal advice.