Delta-V Experts have worked closely with a number of operators and fleets to ensure their compliance with the relative regulations. Our Engineers conduct audits and maintenance checks on heavy vehicles and fleet vehicles. Our audit procedures can incorporate a mechanical or workshop audit, paper based audits, incident audits or a combination of each.

Our Engineers will comb through maintenance documents, procedural documents and the practices of the operator or organisation and climb under all vehicles (light, commercial and heavy) to ensure compliance with the relative standards, regulations or internal performance criteria.

Our Engineers can work with you to develop a performance standard or identify best practices in the industry and help you develop a document to ensure your fleet (internal or contractor) meet a minimum requirement. We can develop specifications based on safety features or equipment, performance standards, maintenance standards and practices and company procedures or industry best practice.

As we are not a regulating body or affiliated with any regulating or enforcing bodies, any non-compliances are strictly confidential. They will be brought to your attention, however this is the purpose of our audits. Our audits and inspections are intended to find gaps, weaknesses or issues so that they can be rectified.

As we typically investigate incidents post-accident, we look forward to the opportunities presented to us where we can prevent an accident from occurring. Our experience in accident investigation give us a unique perspective and allow us to pass on unique knowledge relating to things which typically go wrong or will typically be picked on post-accident.

To enquire about our audits or standard development, please Contact Us.