In Australia up to 10 per cent of all insurance paid by the public are lost to insurance fraud.  Insurance fraud relating to motor vehicles often takes the form of staged or deliberate collisions, intentional damage to the vehicle (e.g. deliberate damage intended to replicate collision damage or hail damage) and staged theft of vehicles.

Physical investigation of the vehicles can reveal whether the damage caused was intentional. This is especially the case for hail damage claims. 

Delta-V Experts provides a Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) service, which includes the removal, download and analysis of data stored within vehicles Event Data Recorder (EDR). Delta-V Experts are trained and certified in the retrieval and analysis of CDR data, which can be used to substantiate findings through other reconstruction techniques.

CDR can provide clients with invaluable information recorded by the vehicle’s sensors which may including pre-impact speed, post-impact speed, longitudinal and lateral accelerations, engine speed, crash pulse, airbag deployment time, seatbelt status, occupant seating status, accelerator application and brake application. Delta-V Experts can download the data directly from the vehicle (in some circumstances) or remove the EDR from the vehicle for storage and future download.

This information can be used to conduct a preliminary analysis of a collision, provide invaluable information to insurers regarding the actions of the driver prior to the collision, provide drivers with information relating to their actions or the actions of the other drivers prior to the collision and providing an additional element to traditional collision reconstruction techniques.

Delta-V Experts can attend the scene to document any remaining physical evidence.  This assists in reconstructing the events and circumstances relating to the collision.

Delta-V Experts recommend that the insured obtains legal representation prior to contacting Delta-V Experts to ensure legal privileges are upheld.