By applying the laws of physics and engineering to living organisms, it is possible to simulate and study how the human body responds to various circumstances.

Delta-V Experts offers a complete biomechanics, injury and ergonomics expert capability. Through an extensive research and knowledge base, Delta-V Experts staff can provide expert opinion on injuries, based on the surrounding circumstances and the principles of biomechanics and other methods.

Computer models of impacts, masses and movements can also be developed to simulate scenarios and the feasibility (or otherwise) of a reported injury. Physical tests can be carried out to determine injury potential for various impact configurations. The results are combined with statistical biomechanics to determine the likelihood of injury occurrence.

Ergonomic assessment 

This expertise and extensive research and knowledge base can also be used to assess the optimal setup of industrial equipment and process optimisation. Professional ergonomic assessments of workplaces, workstations, equipment and work methods can be made to ensure compliance with standards and reduce risk of injury to workers.

Personal injury 

In cases of personal injury at work or in a traffic accident, Delta-V Experts can assist with a full investigation of the circumstances that led to the injury, to pinpoint the likely cause or chain of events.

Delta-V Experts combines its forensic engineering and scientific expertise to conduct in-depth investigations to provide answers to questions of liability, insurance, legal cases and coronial inquests.

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