Delta-V Experts expertise in traffic crash investigation and reconstruction provides clients with a reliable and complete explanation of the surrounding circumstances of a crash, including likely causes and contributing factors. We can also substantiate findings through additional investigation, testing and computer simulation.

Our clients can have complete confidence in Delta-V Experts ability to provide independent, scientific, reliable and fully supported findings that can withstand the scrutiny of the court system.

Delta-V Experts services are used extensively by the legal, transport, bus, insurance and mining industries, as well as government and road authorities, and have been proven in court jurisdictions including Magistrates, County, Supreme and Coroner’s Courts.

Injury investigation and assessment

Delta-V Experts ability to assess whether an injury occurred as a result of a traffic accident has proven invaluable to many clients in personal injury, insurance and criminal cases. Our experts collect and analyse all of the available evidence to assess whether the traffic accident/crash is likely to have caused the injury in question. Findings can also be validated  through extensive scientific studies and research, testing and computer modelling. The result is a clear and reliable report stating the likely cause of the injury.

Collision scene inspection and documentation

Delta-V Experts provides a full emergency site inspection and documentation service. Incident scenes can be accurately measured for the creation of scale reconstruction diagrams. Our forensic engineers are trained to inspect and document any vehicles, machinery or equipment involved to record key physical evidence. Fully licensed inquiry agents are on staff, to assist with locating and interviewing any witnesses or relevant parties if required.


Delta-V Experts accident investigation and reconstruction services are used for many different purposes, including: 

  • Personal injury claims (traffic and workplace)
  • Insurance claims
  • Product liability cases
  • Coronial inquests
  • Criminal cases (Culpable/Dangerous Driving/Workplace)

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Delta-V Experts recommends seeking legal advice prior to engaging us to ensure that potential legal privilege is appropriately maintained.