Delta-V Experts are committed to providing outstanding forensic engineering services. We employ a highly experienced team of Engineers to provide comments, advice, expert opinion and reconstruction / investigation services. Our highly diverse team can assist you in a wide variety of areas.

Each of the Forensic Engineers at Delta-V Experts have a unique area of expertise and are highly trained in engineering and their respective Forensic Engineering fields.  We also strive to stay at the forefront of technology and lead the way for Forensic Engineers by adapting to and implementing new technologies which include Black Box retrieval tools, vehicle scan tools and 3D Scanning equipment.

Delta-V Experts will look to assist all, ranging from individual persons to government organisations and small and large organisations. Our Engineers work all around Australia and around the world (notably Egypt, the United States of America, Singapore and Brunei). Location is no issue for us and we are happy to assist.

Contact us to discuss your case at no cost or obligation with our friendly team.

NOTE: Delta-V Experts are not legal advisors and as such, we cannot provide you with legal advice or recommendations. We STRONGLY encourage private persons to speak with a lawyer or legal representative to obtain appropriate legal advice.


We Can Assist You With

Traffic Crash Reconstruction Services (Civil and Criminal)

Our Forensic Engineers have reconstructed thousands of traffic accidents for individuals, organisations, insurance companies and government bodies which include:

  • Liability determination (civil) for collisions
  • Road design
  • Criminal driving incidents
  • Insurance Fraud
  • CTP / TAC claims
  • Black Box analysis and retrieval
  • Mechanical examinations

We can assist in a wide variety of traffic collisions and provide advice and reconstructions on most matters. No matter is too small or large. Previous collisions investigated range from low quantum liability determination to high profile criminal driving investigations.

Mechanical and Repair Services

Delta-V Experts has worked extensively with the Insurance and Repair Industry to develop repair standards for Australia. This work has provided invaluable experience to Delta-V Experts and enables us to provide comment and opinion repairs and the conditions of vehicles (pre and post repair).  Mechanical examinations relating to defects or failures or components and parts can be undertaken by Delta-Experts Engineers.

Our Forensic Engineers have conducted hundreds of mechanical examinations of passenger / commercial vehicles, heavy vehicles, motorcycles and industrial equipment to identify potential defects or issues which may have contributed to the incident(s).

Industrial Incidents

Delta-V Experts can provide assistance for all industrial incidents, ranging from mining incidents, explosions / fires, wall or structure failures and collapses and more. Our Forensic Engineers have attended and investigated numerous high profile and large scale incidents which include wall and building collapses, multimillion dollar equipment failures and accidents, and hundreds of million dollar rail accidents.

Delta-V Experts actively conducts investigations for various organisations and government bodies which include live scene attendance and documentation.

Product Defects

Delta-V Experts Forensic Engineers are all graduate and recognised engineers in their respective fields. This allows us to understand forces and failure modes of various components and parts. Delta-V Experts have actively provided advice and comment on various defects which range from equipment or part failures, road / infrastructure failures, tyre and automotive failures and system failures.

Personal Injury

Delta-V Experts have provided expert reports for both Plaintiff and Defence in personal injury matters. Matters range from manual handling, slips, trip and falls, falls from heights, system or operational failures, training failures and machine guarding failures and oversights.