As part of Delta-V Experts' commitment to safety, we offer several products to assist with protection and investigation in a variety of incidents. Follow the links for more information or contact us if you wish to make any enquires.

Smarty Drive Recorders
Smarty is a Dash Camera and Event Data Recorder for your vehicle. Smarty Cameras record directly to an SD card. These videos can be accessed later for review or used as evidence in an investigation.

PC-Crash is among the leading software for analysis and reconstruction of vehicle and other incidents. Collisions can be simulated in 2D or 3D. PC-Crash can simulate car to car, car to motorcycle, and car to pedestrian collisions as well as roll over collisions.

Delta-V Experts is the exclusive distributor of PC Crash in Australia and in New Zealand.

Rollover Protection Systems (ROPS)
Vehicle rollover is a major cause of injury and death in mining areas. Delta-V Experts has extensive understanding of rollover incidents and ROPS design. Our ROPS can be fitted to existing fleets or tailored to suit specific site/vehicle requirements.