PC-Crash™  is a Windows™ 3D collision and trajectory simulation tool that enables quick and accurate analysis of a wide variety of motor vehicle collisions and other incidents. PC-Crash was developed by Dr. Steffan Datentechnik GmbH and has been the subject of nearly two decades of technical validation studies.  PC-Crash has been accepted in courts across North America and around the world.

PC Crash can simulate collisions of up to 32 vehicles in 2D and 3D. Car to car, car to motorcycles, car to pedestrian collisions can be calculated. Occupant movement and roll over can also be calculated. 

PC-Crash is used by:

  • accident reconstructists
  • police stations
  • insurance companies
  • automotive industry
  • academic institutions

Features of PC-Crash 12.0 include:

  • Calculation of distance/time relationship (different diagrams with measurement-capabilities).
  • Automatic calculation of accident prevention potentials (e.g. accident avoidance velocity, necessary braking coefficients.......).
  • Automatic rendering of video animations (Fixed and variable camera positions).
  • Calculation of multiple collisions between several cars, 3-dimensional impact model (based on Kudlich-Slibar).
  • Automatic calculation of post collision movement until the vehicle’s rest position.
  • Indication of point of impact separation speeds or coefficient of restitution in impact calculations.
  • Automatic calculation of primary and secondary collisions using default parameters.
  • Simulation of movable load and its influence on the vehicles driving behaviour can investigated.
  • Defining and calculating brake force distributions between front and rear axle. 
  • Extended kinematic modules for fast calculations of pre-impact, impact and post-impact movement, additional modules for velocity-distance-time calculations including avoidance, kinematic pedestrian calculation and overtaking calculations.
  • Automatic calculation of impact parameters (pre-impact speeds and point of impact location) with the collision optimizer using final stop positions
  • Pedestrian and motorcycle model (multi-body-model), the real vehicle shape is used in the calculation.
  • Scalable pedestrians by anthropometrical data. 
  • Pre-processor to define and configure multi-body systems (pedestrians, motorcycles with drivers).
  • Tire contact mark calculation.
  • Limit method in the drawing program.
  • Four point measurement grip in the drawing program.
  • Crash backward calculation with combined momentum/moment of momentum.
  • Camera rotation with pitch/yaw.
  • Mesh model with X61/FCE vehicles.
  • EES calculation for crash 3 model.

Delta-V Experts is the exclusive distributor of PC Crash in Australia and in New Zealand. For further information or pricing, please contact us here.

Some examples of PC-Crash simulations created by Delta-V Experts are shown below.